There is a monthly prize of £50 if the number drawn is not owned the  prize money is rolled over making the prize for the following month £100. To stand a chance of  winning Tele: Dani on 01732 820095 or click here to Down Load an application form 800 CLUB APPLICATION  FORM

Click here to see if you are a winner  800 club winners


Getting the hall built was not without its problems, the builder who was originally given the contract went into liquidation and there were problems with the roof. To help ensure that the building work could be completed it was decided that Villagers would be asked if they would enter into a covenant, whereby they would pay £10.00 per year for 10 years.  Enough Villagers agreed to enable the building work go ahead. The hall was finally opened in April 1981.

Once the hall was opened we began to receive income from the hire fees, however, this was insufficient to meet all the costs involved in running the hall. It was for this reason the hall committee, decided to run a fund raising lottery with cash prizes. They called it the 800 Club, so named because there are approximately 800 houses in the village. All Villagers were asked to join which meant paying £1 per month to enter into a draw.

To begin with, volunteers from the village each had a patch of approximately 30 houses and each month they went door to door collecting the entry fees. This way of collecting went on for a number of years but, eventually it was decided that the job was becoming too time consuming for the dwindling number of volunteers.

It was therefore decided the Hall Manager would run the Club from the Hall and participating Villagers were asked to pay by Direct Debit or by taking their money to the hall. Since those early days the number of £1 entries has fallen from around 300 to 117. These 117 entries are purchased by 65 households. Considering there are 800 houses it means that only about 8% of households participate in the draw. The Hall is well used by such groups as The Pre-school, Brownies, various fittness groups and the Pop In, (a club for the over 60s), please see Hall Activities for a full list.

The hall, like the Village shops, is of benefit to all Villagers even if they do not actually use them. Imagine what the Village square would look like if the hall was closed.  So if you would like the chance of winning a cash prize and at the same time support your Village hall then please contact Dani the Hall Manager on 01732 823905 or click here to down load a  800 CLUB APPLICATION  FORM



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